Our team members have been Creative Directors, Art Directors, Marketing Directors and Executive Directors. We’ve run our own businesses (including traditional and interactive agencies), helped others launch theirs, and worked inside national and multi-national companies.

Whether you’re a small local business just starting out or an established national brand, rest assured, our team will understand your needs and challenges.


In Theory: Creative Direction, Web & Graphic Design, Development.

In Practice: Blending Art with Science. Making ideas come to life.

Fav. Einstein Quote: “Hey, what does this button do?”

Periodic Element: Technetium


  • Founder, nGen Works, Stockton Eller Design
  • Instructor / Designer, Technology Point International
  • “Go-to” guy for national businesses, brands & agencies for 20 years


In Theory: Digital Marketing, Creative Strategy, Production.

In Practice: Generating leads, Spreading sheets, Marrying strategy with data.
Fav. Einstein Quote: “Time exists to prevent everything from happening at once. Unfortunately, it’s an illusion.”

Periodic Element: “Be anything. Just don’t be Boron.”


  • National Marketing Director, 1-800-BoardUp
  • Director, Marketing and Communications, Bahamian Government Ministry of Tourism
  • Verizon, AT&T, Walmart, Chili’s, Florida Blue, Exxon, American Airlines


In Theory: Creative Direction, Design, Art Direction

In Practice: Creative fire. Twice as much energy as the sun.

Fav. Einstein Quote: “Buddy, can you paradigm?”

Periodic Element: Carbon


  • 28 years brand & agency experience
  • Cycling Apparel Designer, Adjunct Instructor
  • Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BOA, DuPont, PECO, Coors, United Way

MATTHEW DEC, Video Production

In Theory: Motion, Sound, Imagination

In Practice: Lights, Camera, Action! (and Concepts… and Directing & Producing… and Pre- & Post-Production)

Fav. Einstein Quote: “Imagination is everything. It’s the preview of life’s coming attractions.”

Periodic Element: Silicon


  • Over 20 years of Broadcast & Corporate Video Experience
  • 12 Years, Editor Digital Video Arts (DVA)
  • Founder, A Creative Difference
  • Walmart, P&G, ABC Prime Time Live, Lifetime Network Movies, PBS

where vision meets results.

where vision meets results.